Who Should Take This Course?

Preparation is key!

Do you live near a factory of any kind, a fertilizer plant, a recyling plant, oil and gas production facility, a utility, chemical storage facility, superfund site or railroad? These are the hot spots for potential chemical disasters. You must be prepared for a chemical disaster. Don't be left behind! This information can save your life and your health, and give you peace of mind.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Vinyl Chloride and Dioxin White Paper

    • How to Buy the Right Air Filter

    • Chemical Disaster Buying Guide

    • Water Lecture from the National Association of Environmental Medicine Conference

    • How to Research a Chemical

    • How to Buy a Water Filter Resource Guide

    • How to Buy a Water Filter

    • The Best Cheatsheet for Drinking Water Contamination in the U.S.

    • East Palestine: A Look at the Potential Toxic Contamination

    • Video from 9/11 webinar

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    Can You Survive a Chemical Disaster

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    • Slides

This easy-to-follow, science-based program empowers you!

Crucial information to enable you to survive a chemical disaster

  • Learn how to protect yourself from toxic chemicals that may be airborne or contaminate your water during a chemical exposure

  • How to practice the art of avoidance in defensive environmental medicine

  • A natural approach to help support detoxification pathways

Join Dr. Anne Marie Fine, NMD, FAAEM

Global thought leader and expert in Environmental Medicine

Dr. Fine speaks internationally on the subject of Environmental Medicine and teaches this specialty to physicians. Appalled at the callous treatment of residents of East Palestine and other communities impacted by chemical disasters, she created a primer on disaster preparedness so that YOU can protect yourself and your family in a disaster.

Join Lyn Patrick ND

Author, Speaker and Global Expert in Environmental Exposures and Environmental Medicine

Founding Director of the Environmental Health Symposium- an international conference addressing environmental toxin exposure, she has been faculty for physician training programs for the last 20 years. Dr. Patrick has been a leading voice in the functional medicine community for addressing environmental toxins as a major cause of disease and disability worldwide. She has been motivated to educate the public about environmental exposures due to the recent events of the East Palestine train derailment and the wildfire smoke exposures covering eastern Canada and the United States.